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Closed for the Season

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Thanks for Another Great Season!
See You All Next Year!!

Call First to Confirm Hours!
Weather Permitting


6 hr or 12 hr tickets | Weds 3pm - Thurs midnight
2 hr tickets ONLY | Thurs midnight - Sat midnight
6 hr or 12 hr tickets | Sat midnight - Sun 6pm


-Blue 55 lbs & over
-Shovel 45 lbs & over
-Blue or Shovel 41 lbs to 43 lbs
-Blue or Shovel 31 lbs to 33 lbs

(Weekly Jackpots - midnight Sunday to midnight Sunday)

Caught 6/6/14

SLOT FISH!...41.8 shovel..$315.00..Good Job Dustin!!


May 31st 2014


May 31st 2014

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